Linci Ajadi Deronvil

President & CEO

I am Linci Ajadi the one si ya janbe we have been a spiritual counselor all along my ancestors been practicing Vodou and spirituality for over centuries. As Linci Ajadi I am drawn to Vodou, a seeker by nature always looking, searching and seeking for the unknown, unseen, unrest and unspoken.  We are Zantray Ginen honesty, viable solutions, confidentiality, listening and silence.

 We are committed to helping you build the deepest connection with your inner self and your ancestor as well as your professional self.

I was raised in The Seventh-day Adventist Church where the very idea of Vodou was frowned upon. Nevertheless, I was always searching, looking and seeking for something with more meaning.

I had no recollection of my Childhood then one day I’ve heard the sun calling my name “You are the  life support system, remember the darkness inside darkness”   the Sun came for me carry my spirits, to space and time then connect me back to my true self. Remember me! It said:  The one that have given power to travel to the unknown and unspoken Dimension I was able to be seeing my body looking at myself my experiences could not explain to my family and friends.  Beyond the unknown I had no fear to travel and travel I did and continue doing. The wisdom of consciousness Earth, Air, Water and Fire

I have had a lot greater experienced over and over with the elements till I realize the Lwa (also referred to as Spirits) were calling me to come back home to my Ancestors.

 This site is to help direct anyone who intends to enlighten themselves while finding their strength and power from within to embrace their true nature. Ayibobo, Ayibobo, Ayibobo Sa va loue wi sa va loue e sa va loue

I am Linci Ajadi Bon Hougan si y’a janbe.

Not knowing is true knowledge pretending to know is a disease that come with failure. Others are clever and smart but I alone stupid, a fool, confuse and a dull.  A good door has no lock just like a good Walker leave no track. I am empty, Yes, empty! But Remember that I am the wind the unseen, unspoken, unknown and unrest.


  1. Eradicate Fear and Hate
  2. Forgive Yourself
  3. Accept all shamed
  4. Let all the Sadness go
  5. Always telling the truth
  6. Everything is an Illusion
  7. Control your mind and let all earthly attachments go.

How can You Convey silence by making noise?